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The world of Imaginary Organisations

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The IO-model as a virtual world was born in a research project undertaken by Richard Gatarski. He came up with the idea of building a virtual model of Imaginary Organisations. One part of his project is Electronic Packaging. And the world is one experiment in packaging knowledge in electronic form. For further information about Richards´ project see

The Imaginary Organisation is a perspective for management, evaluation and the study of businesses. Currently there is only a swedish description of that perspective available on Internet. It can be found at The perspective has until now been illustrated using a 2-dimensional model. The virtual IO-model is an alternative to that illustration.

The world was built by Anders Kofoed at VIP-studio AB, Stockholm, Sweden. He can be reached at, by phone at +46 8 656 25 20 or by fax: +46 8 618 18 15.

The software from Superscape was provided by their distributor in Sweden, Media 2000 Network AB. They can be found at or by phone at: +46 8 562 590 80 or by fax: +46 8 80 90 82.

NUTEK, the Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development, has supported parts of the research about Imaginary Organisations. The first world was originally presented May, 7 1996 at a conference arranged by NUTEK. A swedish documentation of that presentation is available at:


Now it us up to you to experience whats available. This is how you access the world. In order to enter it you need MS-Windows and Viscape. The Superscape 3-D Viewer Viscape is a Netscape 2 plugin and allows you to view and interact with rich virtual worlds across the World Wide Web. You can download Viscape from the sites below. Superscape has more information about the download procedure if you need that.

  1. Download the Viscape from Sweden, UK or USA.
  2. Install it as documented at the dowload site
  3. Choose one of:
  4. Enjoy!


We are of course developing the world. The speed of that development is regulated by resources such as visions, knowledge, time, technology and money.

If you have any of that to share, or if you only want to give us you comments. Please mail us at:

You have to check back here if you want to get the next development of the world.

Updated by Richard Gatarski, 1996-06-18