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Richard Gatarski,
Ph.D. in Business Administration and electronics engineer

Richard Gatarski (born in 1958) has been working until 2005 as a researcher and assistant professor at the School of Business, Stockholm university. Today he is a consultant at BAT - Business Art Technology AB, The podcasting consulting firm Podernize is one of his new start-up ventures.

His personal mission is to help people discover, understand and develop an effective use of digital technology and electronic media. For contents about his research, photos and more, see Richards' index page

In 1994 Richard founded BAT - Business Art Technology AB together with two friends and colleagues. Richard's special field is digital technology and electronic media and how people use them. The clients are basically people working with human as well as machine conversations. He is also teaching the subjects of communication, information, E-business and consumer behavior at a number of academic and private institutions.

In 1994 Richard begun his doctoral research at the School of Business, university of Stockholm. His subjects are contents, artificial market actors and electronic packaging. After some time (some say long :-), he was awarded a Ph.D. in December, 2001. Richard's work aims to explore the implications of digital technology and electronic media for the marketing field, but his work also encompasses departing tracks towards behavioral science, imaginary organizations, art, distribution and knowledge management. The research gives Richard an excellent opportunity to deepen his knowledge. The clients of BAT will at the same time gain access to relevant applied research through Richard's academic worldwide network.

Dr. Gatarski is by now an internationally recognized researcher and assistant professor at the School of Business, Stockholm University. He has more than 20 years of experience with the use of computer technology. Richard is an author of several academic journal articles, conference papers, and contributions to the popular press. Besides that, since 1996, he has maintained his academic Web pages at Richard is also a consultant on e-media matters for companies and government agencies in Europe. He has testified before the Swedish government on issues involving digital technology, business, and everyday life. Richard is a much-appreciated speaker and is frequently interviewed in print, radio, and TV media. Earlier Richard has been working with microelectronics and the development of computer and communications systems at Ericsson Telecommunications (1978-1984) and at the Department of Business Administration at the Stockholm University(1985-1989). The year in between these jobs he was bumming around the globe.

Richard is living together with Ann and their children Milton and Nellie. Richard has a brother Henrik, a mother Solgerd (from Småland, Sweden) and a father Kazimierz (from Poland). He is the grandson of the country store owner K A Andersson in Mosstorp. The latter is historically very important, at least in a personal perspective..

Richard's personal business concept is: "As a researcher and consultant develop ideas and my competence. This is my fundamental driving force. My interests are focused on us human beings and the digital technology, particularly how we interact and how we move toward the future".

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