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At the Le Tosh family

Toshiba PC Nordic press conference,
Stockholm, November 26, 1998

randteam.jpg (15871 bytes) At last someone in the PC industry is doing something in line with where people are going. Modern, post modern, trendy, stylish, experiential characterizes the contemporary consumers. Finally we have computers designed, or rather styled, for us.

I was so happy to find myself at a press conference where the Le Tosh family was introduced to the world. Grey is gone.

On my arm rests a "Working Snob". Around me in the living room at the La Tosh apartment, some of the people behind the concept. Anna (Futurniture), Christer and Anders (Toshiba Nordic), Dan and Oskar (Futurniture).

jackiek.jpg (14915 bytes) In the bedroom: Two wanna-haves over a "Jackie K". Donīt miss the leather bag that comes with the computer.