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One-To-One Solutions On the Web

Meeting arranged by Cepro AB, Sweden, 
The Cepro office, Stockholm, December 11, 1997


Professor Bo Hedberg (left) and senior partner at Cepro AB, opened up with a welcome and an outline of: 
The new market communication.
From customer hunting to value creation through customer dialogues.

In the foreground you can see our key note presenter. He is just-in-time customizing his slides.

Dr. Pehong Chen, founder of BroadVision Inc., gave us a challenging insight in mission statements, concepts and tools connected to the company:
One-To-One Solutions On the Web
Then followed lunch with follow-up questions and an interesting discussion.

Here is Richard Gatarski together with Dr. Chen. They are looking at two very interesting persons, currently gathered in Sweden.

Anders Lundkvist and Dr. Cheng continued a discussion on how to visualize the concepts of One-to-One Marketing and Customization. Broadvision no longer supports the customization service "The Angle", due to the amount of resources its content production required. Dr.
Chen let us knew that the tools and experiences from "The Angle" will be integrated in the future Broadvision site.

For a list of publicly available On-line Recommendation Services besides The Angle, please visit the Stanford Fab-project.

We were reminded that the tools and concepts from Broadvision are higly relevant in the financial and banking services. Richard Gatarski made an emotive summary on how customer relations are managed when the Swedish banks goes online.
Tony Nicoladies from Dimension AB, who represents BroadVision in Sweden gave us concluding comments and demonstrated the products.